The Encyclopedia of Electrical Knowledge has been created to provide high school students and teachers with a centralized repository of information and interactive experiences in a variety of scientific topics. Knowledge is organized in four major sections: Science, Technology, Experiments, and People. The Science section explores theoretical concepts in areas such as electricity, heat, mechanics, light, and sound. The Technology section looks at practical uses of those scientific concepts in our daily lives through a variety of exciting applications such as roller coasters, video games, cell phones, the Internet, and the International Space Station. The Experiments section is the entrance to a Virtual Laboratory where exciting scientific concepts are explored interactively. The People section introduces several of the most renowned scientists and inventors in the history of humanity. Additionally, the encyclopedia includes a TRIVIA game to test your knowledge of the topics covered throughout this web site. Finally, if you are interested on practicing your Spanish, do not forget to browse the Spanish version of the encyclopedia or to play the TRIVIA game in Spanish!